SingaporeMaven Photography

This client was stuck with a website that had never been completed and his website designer was trying to hold it as ransom for more money. I won’t say any more but the situation was completely unfair and borderline illegal. David Ash contacted me to ask if I could help and I was happy to. I hate seeing good people being screwed by sharks when it comes to website design.

I quickly took control of the SingaporeMaven website by removing all outside user access. I then grabbed all the useful content from the existing website to use in a brand new website design.  I contact the Domain company and got the Hosting swithed to be under my control and then built a new website so there is no way the previous designer can access the website or hosting to be vindictive.

The new website showcases David Ash’s skills in Sport Photography. He is a famous photographer based in Singapore and covering sporting events around Southeast Asia. He is best known for his MMA Photography with events such as ONE Championship, Full Metal Dojo, Singapore Fighting Championship and more.  He also has a passion for photographing Rugby, Soccer and Athletics events with many of his photos being selected for print in news and print magazine.

The new website shows his photographic skills to prospective clients. It is essentialy an online portfolio of his work. It has also boosted his SEO ranking within Google due to everything being current and correctly tagged for relevant keywords.

Visit the website ==> SingaporeMaven Website

SingaporeMaven Photography
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