Strap A Jetpack To Your PT Business & Rise Above Any Competition While Attracting Your Ideal Clients


Discover How To Attract Your Ideal Clients ASAP!

If you’re a Personal Trainer then this may be the most important message you ever read because it could drastically change your PT Business…

First things first… Nobody is going to lift you up and put you on a pedastal. You have to actively claim your spot at the top and prove you belong there… The good news is, It’s easier than you imagine and it doesn’t have to take years to achieve the recognition you deserve.

Let me explain…

When you first get certified you and start working in the Fitness Industry you have a group of friends that suddenly want to get your advice on how to get fit, lose weight or build muscle which is great but your friends have also known you for a long time and they often don’t want to pay you for your knowledge.  Mates want “Mates Rates” or they offer to join your Group Training Sessions for free to boost the numbers and make you look good.  If you’ve already started then I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

That’s not a bad thing because everyone starts somewhere and it looks much better having a full group than an empty one.  But the reality is that your paying clients will value your time and treat you with more respect than your friends.

The people investing their money into training with you want to get results and they want to get value out of the time they have with you.  Free-loading friends can forget to turn up, cancel at the last minute to go out shopping, rock up late and unenthusiastic because they drank too much the night before, bascially most don’t take it too seriously because they’re not valuing your time. I’m not saying all friends are like this but I’m sure you know a couple just like I do.

The first step to growing your PT Business is finding New Paying Clients.

If you’re working in a gym it can be a struggle adding new clients. You are competing with all of the other PT’s in the gym and the last thing you want to do is accidentally poach a client from another PT.  It’s hard to know which gym members are already working with a PT and which members are safe to approach…

While you try to figure out who you can talk to you are losing time and income which is no fun at all. In fact you’re most likely paying the gym to use their equipment so you could be going backwards.

As new members join the gym it can seem like someone throwing hot chips amongst a flock of seagulls as all the Trainers in the Gym spot a new potential client and swoop in to do the PT Meet-n-Greet.  Right about now you realise you need a way to stand out from the crowd and be their first choice.  You need to convince this person that you are the best Trainer for them but that’s hard when you only have a couple of minutes and the new gym member may be feeling cautious, a little overwhelmed by the attention. Their guard is up and they worry about giving you any signs of encouragement because they only just met you and they know what you want.  They don’t want to commit themselves to the first PT they meet. If they’re smart they want to find the PT that suits them best, the one that they feel comfortable with and will help them reach their goals.

You should also want to find the clients that suit you the best, your Ideal Clients. You don’t want to have to take on any client you can get.  Some clients can drive you crazy but when you’re desperate for clients maybe you can’t afford to be picky.  You need a way to attract your Ideal Clients as quickly as possible…

This Is why you need your own personal PT Website!

Having your own PT Website is like having a special book you can hand to potential clients.  A book that explains who you are and what you can do for them.  Something that they can look at in their own time without any distractions or pressure.  Something that shows you as the best choice and seperates you from the crowd.

Most Personal Trainers never take this first step to get a PT Website built and honestly I’m not sure why. Maybe they think it’s too expensive or too technical or maybe they feel they don’t deserve it yet?

All of those reasons are nonsense (like an Urban Myth) and should instantly be ignored because they’re false.  Websites are not expensive these days and they are also easy for non-techy people to use after they are built. If you can use Facebook then you can eaily learn to update your own PT Website after it’s built.  The “Don’t deserve it yet” mindset is backwards thinking and this gives you another advantage… Most people think that you need to be important and succesful to have a business website.  It’s this thinking that also makes people see anyone that has a business website as being important and succesful.

Just imagine that your a client looking for a PT and you meet two people that seem almost identicle but one has a business card and a website while the other one just has a smile and a fill in the blank gym card with their name and number on it.  Which PT would you assume is more serious and professional and more likely to take your training seriously?  By now you should see what the smart choice is.

PT websites 01

So what are the advantages of having your own PT website?

  • You are instantly taken more seriously because you have a Business Website
  • You have a business email (not gmail, yahoo or bigpond, etc) so people see you as a professional rather some part-timer dabbling in the fitness industry
  • You can build Instant Trust with testimonials and reviews so that it’s not just you saying you can help them but you have loyal fans that happily say how great you are which is much more trustworthy
  • You can become an Authority (via articles, press releases and ads) so you stand out from the crowd and are elevated to a higher status amongst Personal Trainers
  • Be contactable 24/7 via email forms so that you can capture potential clients contact details even while you’re working or asleep and can get back to them when it suits you.
  • Attract your Ideal Clients (design your website to suit your ideal clients) so you get to work with the exact people you want and avoid the people that would drive you crazy as their trainer.
  • Promote your services and products: new services, special events, new training products, etc via your PT Website and Email Marketing to Instantly Boost Your Business.
  • Build a Client List… Gyms will Love you when you have a client list because they know you can attract more clients into their Business.

STOP!?!… Now, imagine what it could be like in a couple of months from now having more clients than you can handle. Waking up in the morning to see your inbox filled with emails requesting your services along with testimonials from happy clients.  You no longer have to take on every person that approaches you, instead you can now select to work with your ideal clients and kindly drop the ones that drive you insane because they never listen to your advice and complain about their progress.

You may have so many people seeking your help that you need to add extra group sessions or find another PT to hire to run the extra sessions.  This is how you can leverage your time and start growing a larger business.  Your income as a PT can be limited by the hours in a day but when you start growing your business because your PT services are in demand then your income suddenly becomes limitless.

Success breeds success and as your popularity and business grows you will recieve even more referral clients, you can charge higher training fees if you want to and focus on doing what you love most.  You can also get offers to partner with other businesses.  But, it all starts with taking action and promoting yourself as a Serious PT!

There’s also a Special Bonus included (revealed on the next page)…

You already have the knowledge and skills to train people and I want to see you succeed in the fitness industry and pass on your knowledge to make a real diffence so I’m addingin a Bonus for you.  However this is a limited offer and there are only 20 website spots available at this time and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to offer this again in the future.  The 20 spots will go to the fastest action takers so if you want a PT Website to boost your business then now is not a time to sit on your ass and procrastinate. If you’re motivated then get in Quick!

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