PT Website Options

Are you ready to expand your reach and boost your PT Business?

A PT Website is an extention of Your Personality.  It’s an info packed extension of your Business Card and when design properly it is a magnet for attracting your Ideal Clients.

Your Personal PT Website is your 24/7 promotional marketing machine that weeds out those annoying clients and attracts the people you really want to work with.  It seperates you from the crowd by lifting you up to a higher level and makes you the obvious choice for your Ideal Clients.

Before designing you a custom PT Website we take the time to find out what your Ideal Client is.  While it’s good to be an all-rounder it’s better to be a specialist.  To find that niche that you love working with and can help reach their goals.

Being a specialist helps you and your clients. You may want to focus on Men or Women, Men over 40yo, Pregnant Women, People preparing for Bodybuilding Competitions, Couples losing weight to increase fertility because they want to start a family, etc. There are a lot of areas that you can focus on and specialise in and when you do you can quickly become the Authority in that niche.

If you’re not sure where you want to direct your PT Business right now that’s ok.  It can take some time to find the area that brings you the most joy helping others.  Your PT Website can be easily updated to find the clients you want to work with the most.

There are 3 Personal Trainer Website Options Available.

WebsiteDesign808 has 3 packages available for Personal Trainers and these have been created to suit the different stages of growing your PT Business. If you are just getting started then I suggest the Beginner Package to cover your bases and grow your PT Business.  The Advanced Package has added features to help attract your ideal clients and build instant trust.  If you know what your niche is and want to get the maximum benefit from your PT website then the Guru Package is for you.  It targets your Ideal Clients and has automated marketing included to both attract and convert website visitors from potential clients to paying clients. See below for details of each PT Package…

Note: There is no payments required until after we meet to discuss your goals and the design of your website and we both agree to proceed.

Simply select the PT Website package that you want for your Business and proceed to the next page.

pt website home page
PT Website Services Page
PT Website Contact Page
PT Website Mobile Responsive


PT Website
  • Home Page Built for Lead Generation to Capture Visitors Contact Info for Follow Up Marketing
  • About You Page to Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Services You Offer Page so Clients Know You do what they Want
  • Picture Gallery for Clients to See You in Action
  • Testimonial Page to Build Instant Trust
  • Fitness Blog so you can Share Your Fitness training Knowledge
  • Contact Page including Email Form, Operating Hours and Map
  • Social Sharing Booster to Allow Your Website to Go Viral
  • Free Hosting until july 1st 2017 (then $10/mo)
  • Custom Email Account so Your Business looks Professional


PT Website
  • Home Page Built for Advanced Lead Generation so You can Capture the Contact Details of More Potential Clients
  • Lead Magnets and Integrated Automatic Email Marketing so You can set Your Marketing Funnel on Autopilot
  • Retargetting Pixels so You can keep Marketing to Everyone that Visits Your Website
  • About You Page Designed to Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Services You Offer Incl Sales Pages targetting Your Ideal Clients
  • Picture Gallery so Visitors can See Who You Are and What You Do
  • Video Gallery linked with YouTube Channel so Visitors can See Your Training Methods
  • Testimonial Page Incl Video Testimonials and Facebook Testimonials to Build Instant Trust
  • Advanced Fitness Blog – Multiple Categories so You can Share Knowledge and Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Contact Page with Email Form, Time Table and Location Maps
  • Additional List Building Options (Prospects and Clients) so You can Max Out Your Classes
  • Social Sharing Booster so Clients can Share Your Website and it’s Content Virally
  • Free Hosting until july 1st 2017 (then $10/mo) to give Your Business a Head Start
  • Custom email accounts (up to 5 accounts) so You can Grow Your Business
  • Facebook Graphics Package for Your PT Facebook Business Page
  • Motivational Niche Specific PC, Tablet and Phone Wallpapers for your Clients so Your’e Always There for Them.
  • Bonus: Facebook Advertising Training Session so You know how to use Retargetting to lower your Ad Costs and Increase Your Conversions (Attract More Clients for Less)