Jeff Speakman Kenpo Brisbane

This is the official site for Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo School in Brisbane, Australia.

The previous website was not mobile responsive and was targetted at attracting junior students. After reviewing the old website the client agreed to start from scratch with a whole new look to refresh the branding and attract more adult students into their classes.

The new website design is clean and simple to navigate.  Using the International “Jeff Speakman” logo as the base for the colour scheme this website contains a lot of custom made graphics designed to work with the altering display formats (PC Monitor, Tablet and Phone Screens).

The client had a wealth of images and article content to draw from which made this a very enjoyable website to design. Work is continuing on this website to add an online store, photo and video gallery and more as the client continues to grow their membership.

Visit the website ==> Jeff Speakman Kenpo Brisbane

Jeff Speakman Kenpo Brisbane
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