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The 7 Essential Keys To A Successful Website

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1. A Website Should Be Profitable

Websites are an extension of a Business and they should be Profitable.  There is no point in getting a website made if it’s just a financial burdon on your bottom line. A successful website should generate leads and sales for your business.

The money you invest into your website should show a quick return and then add profits into your Business.

If we don’t think a website is necessary for your business then we’ll tell you upfront rather than taking your money and building you something pointless.



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2. It Must Work On All Devices

More people search for websites on their smart phones and tablets than they do on home and office computers. Plus people searching on their phone/tablet are generally looking for something that they need immediately (Car Repair, Florist, Restaurant, etc) so it is crucial that your website is designed to be Mobile Responsive.

A Mobile Responsive Website adjusts it’s layout to suit the size of the screen it is being displayed on so that it can be easily read on smaller devices like phones and tablets.

Note: Non Responsive Websites are almost impossible to read and navigate on phones and search engines like Google rank them very low on the list when people are searching for them on Mobile Devices.  If you want to be found then you need a Mobile Responsive Website.

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3. Have A Clear “Call To Action”

Your Website should have a Goal. What do you want your Website Visitors to do next?

  • Call Your Business for more information
  • Grab A Coupon and visit your Business
  • Download Product Information
  • View a New Product’s Details
  • Share Your Business on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Leave a Review or Testimonial
  • Join Your Mailing List
  • RSVP to a Special Event, etc

Your Website should guide visitors to do what you want with a Clear Call To Action. You can have a Main Goal and then smaller Goals (Calls To Action) placed in other areas of your Website.

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4. Be Seen On The First Page of Google

A Website needs Visitors and Google is still the best place for Free Traffic. We Optimise Websites to be found and recommended by Google and other Search Engines to send you more Visitors.

There’s a lot involved in the background of a Website to help it Rank Highly and you don’t need to understand it because that’s what we do for you.  We research and select the best Keywords to help your Business/Website be found by the right people to become Your Customers.

Keywords combined with a fully optimised Google Places Business Listing can put your Website on the First Page of Google ASAP

Note: We can also help with paid advertising to give your Business an Instant Boost (visit for more info)


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5. Keep It Updated

Your Website is the perfect place to advertise New Products and Services to Your Customers.  A Successful Website is updated regularly so that return vistors are always finding something new and of interest. If the site is never updated then it’s popularity will die off and so too will it’s ranking in search Engines.

We design Websites that can be easily updated with new content. You can take control and do your own website updates very quickly. This means you won’t have to wait for someone else to add new content or have to pay someone everytime you want a quick update made.  You can save money and have more control of what is shown and when.

Note: If you would prefer for us to continue doing your updates for you we can also do that for an hourly charge.

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6. Link Up With Social Media

Social Networks are where everybody hangs out and communicates with friends. Different Social Networks suit different Businesses…

  • Facebook – Great general social site for most Businesses
  • Twitter – Best for Trendy Businesses that love buzz & gossip (Clothing, Nightclubs, etc)
  • LinkedIn – Best for Professional Service Businesses (Lawyers, Engineers, Trades, etc)
  • Yelp – Ideal for Food & Drink Busoinesses (Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs & Pubs)
  • Instagram – Excellent for Visually Appealing Businesses (Fashion, Fitness, Photography, etc)

Your Website must have Social Sharing Buttons for the Social Networks that match your Business. You should also have a Profile on these Social Networks for your Customers to visit.

Note: You can see Social Sharing Buttons on this website that allow you to share on your Social Networks of choice. We also have Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles if you wish to follow us.


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7. Automatically Build Your Customer List

The most common goal of Websites is to “Get More Leads” for the Business. You want to turn your Online Traffic in Repeat Customers.

We have licensed software that allows us to collect contact details of the visitors on Your Website so that you can keep in touch with them in the future. This allows you to follow up with visitors and show them new products, services, special offers, etc to boost your sales.

A combination of Email Marketing and Retargeting via Social Media can bring customers back to your business whenever you want but you have to have Lead Capturing Technology built into Your Website to take advantage of this highly cost effective marketing. For more information about Lead Generation visit

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